2019 CCC Token Prices from eBay

I tracked the sale of every CCC token I could find on eBay in 2019. Most pieces are uncommon, especially compared to federal coins from the United States, and only a few are commonly found.

Total Number Sold66
Total Prices$5,087
Average Price$77
SaleEvery 5.5 days

The least expensive example sold for $7, a corroded 10-cent token from company 1774 in Rochester, Minnesota.

The most expensive token sold for $308. This 25-cent piece was used by company 1471 in Jamestown, Tennessee.

All of these pieces sold for $200 or more:

4/2/201925 CentCompany 557$280
4/14/20195 CentCompany 1501$200
6/26/20195 CentCompany 321$208
7/8/201925 CentCompany 1676$234
10/27/201925 CentCompany 1471$298
11/10/20195 CentCompany 1471$253
11/17/201925 CentCompany 1471$308

The most common example sold was a 5-cent token from company 1754 in McGregor, Iowa. There were nine transactions in 2019 with an average price of $29.

My example of the 5-cent piece from Company 1754


  1. Ted Lynch says:

    I have a 10c token from 1455. What is the value. Good shape.


    1. See this posting, https://bishopricquid.com/2021/01/10/ccc-token-ebay-sales-in-2020/. There were several pieces from 1455 sold in 2020 on eBay. The most recent sales however were not as strong as earlier sales. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CCC-Token-Camp-1455-Tennessee-10-Cents/303928086424


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