World Coin Quiz

The Willamette Coin Club met virtually again in October. We held three coin quizzes by presenting slides over Zoom. Attendees wrote down their guesses on paper at home, and we scored the quiz at the end. Honor system. The winners received a nice coin from the club’s collection mailed through the post office.

There are roughly 6500 languages in the world. I like the variety of written forms and designs on world coins. I selected photos of coins showing 16 different written languages. I cropped and rotated the images to maximize the characters. The coins are biased for European languages.

The quiz can be downloaded below as a PDF document.

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  1. Answers:

    1. French
    2. Arabic
    3. German
    4. Lithuanian
    5. Samoan
    6. Hungarian
    7. Czech
    8. Japanese
    9. English
    10. Finish
    11. Bulgarian
    12. Polish
    13. Russian
    14. Portuguese
    15. Norwegian
    16. Spanish


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