CCC Token eBay Sales in 2020

For the second year in a row, I’ve tracked the sales of all CCC tokens on eBay. What follows is summary information for those token sales in 2020. See last year’s numbers here.

Number Sold68
Total Value$7,923
Average Price$117
Sale FrequencyEvery 5.4 days

The least expensive token sold for $18. It was a 5 cent piece from Company 1754, McGregor, Iowa. The most expensive one sold for $567. It was a 5 cent piece from Company 4471, Bishopville, South Carolina.

A total of 37 different denominations and companies were sold last year. The reference catalog says there are 288 different pieces in the series, so only 13 percent were available for sale this year on eBay.

This table shows the number of tokens sold from some of the most common tokens:

Number of SalesCompanyLocation
11Company 1754Mcgregor, Iowa
7Company 1455Unicoi, Tennessee
5Company 610Stockton, Illinois
4Company 1780Mt Nebo, Arkansas

There were 16 sales with a sales price of $200 or more.

1/1/20205 centsCompany 1501$250
1/12/20205 centsCompany 2719$207
2/22/20205 centsCompany 6419$275
3/1/202010 centsCompany 1455$233
3/15/20205 centsCompany 2315$253
3/20/202010 centsCompany 769$286
3/22/20205 centsCompany NF 7$253
6/13/20205 centsCompany 4471$567
7/11/20205 centsCompany 725$228
7/14/202010 centsCompany 770$340
10/12/2020Bottle DepositCompany 2605$358
10/18/20205 centsCompany P 59$353
10/30/20205 centsCompany 2501$207
11/15/202010 centsCompany 770$316
11/21/202010 centsCompany 1455$293
12/13/20201 GameCompany 3760$267

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