1786 Sumatra 3 Keping

A crummy example of an East India Company 3 Keping coin. The obverse shows the bale mark, or merchant’s mark, of the company and the date 1786. The reverse has Jawi script with the denomination and Islamic calendar date of 1200.

The Kepings were the first coins made by Matthew Boulton’s Soho Mint in England and first numismatic pieces that used James Watt’s steam engine.

Reference: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces320044.html


I took this photo for a coin club contest. Alas, I didn’t win, but it was fun creating the image. I used my old Nikon digital D40 camera and a 105 mm micro Nikkor lens.

Caliper measuring diameter of 1967 French 10 Francs coin

This 1967 silver coin shows the “Hercules Group” surrounded by this powerful demand of French nationalism:


The engraver, Augustin Dupré, created his allegoric compositions using symbolism of antiquity. Hercules was a devine hero of Greek mythology.

World Coin Quiz

The Willamette Coin Club met virtually again in October. We held three coin quizzes by presenting slides over Zoom. Attendees wrote down their guesses on paper at home, and we scored the quiz at the end. Honor system. The winners received a nice coin from the club’s collection mailed through the post office.

There are roughly 6500 languages in the world. I like the variety of written forms and designs on world coins. I selected photos of coins showing 16 different written languages. I cropped and rotated the images to maximize the characters. The coins are biased for European languages.

The quiz can be downloaded below as a PDF document.

Completed Small Set of Hudson’s Bay Company Tokens

I recently completed assembling a small set of Hudson’s Bay Company East Main district tokens after winning a 1 Made Beaver piece in a Dix Noonan Webb auction. These pieces are hard to find, especially in nicer condition. My 1 MB piece shows the most wear and has likely been cleaned (due to off color). With so few pieces coming up for sale, I need to buy when I can. I will continue watching for an upgrade.

The Tree Side

The photo above shows the “other side” of my CCC tokens. If my small collection is indicative, many of the tokens in the series use the nicely designed tree motif with the following text: “Civilian Conservation Corps | CCC | US.”

There is one Veterans Conservation Corps token, with a “V” surrounding a tree. The text reads “Veterans Conservation Corps | US | CC.”

A few of them do not depict the tree or any iconography other than text. Those pieces show the text “GOOD FOR # IN TRADE” (with the value or denomination in the center).